Web Development

Top 10 PHP Frameworks of 2019 for Web Development

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Ecommerce website design

How to Improve The User Experience Of Your E-commerce website?

If you are the owner of an E-commerce store using the PHP platform then your store's user experience is one of the most crucial factors behind the success of your online store. It... Read more »
web development company

What are the latest trends for web development and technologies in 2019?

The web development industry is doing a great job by coming up with new frameworks, design trends and mobile app development to satisfy the demands and expectations of mankind. If you are in IT... Read more »
what is wireless charging technology

What Is Wireless Charging Technology? How Does It Work?

The phrase “wireless charging” points to the reality that you don’t have to plug the device into a fixed power source, instead, the charging surface and the device being charged must be... Read more »
eCommerce platform India

What is the most popular and best e-commerce platforms in India?

As we all might be knowing that the global, as well as the Indian eCommerce market, is growing a fast pace. There are a lot of new trends, when you are starting... Read more »
Top Popular Games Like Pokémon 2019

Top 25+ Amazing Games Like Pokemon Go You Should Install & Play

Today, it is not difficult to find various kinds of online based games, tools and plug-ins. From entertainment to necessity, internet can cover all the aspects. It comes with important information that... Read more »

Websites being made with voice search technology compliance will transform our lives

Optimize your website for voices search Technology Websites these days are made to be voice assistant Technology and voice search compliant. The main reasons behind this is, many people who are habituated with... Read more »
Top 10 wireless technology trends for 2019

Top 10 wireless technology trends for 2019

1.wifi Wifi full form is Wireless Fidelity.it is the name of the most popular wireless (Radio) Local Area networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections.... Read more »
Google Voice assistants

How Voice Searching and Assistant Has Changed The Face Of Google Search Patterns

A lot of talk is on about the use of voice Google assistants, and whether websites must be made compliant to voice searches or not. In this regard, it’s important to discuss about this... Read more »

How can the Internet of Things (IOT) transform digital marketing?

We have been seeing various changes in marketing techniques and methods due to changes in technology. The Internet of things and artificial intelligence is capturing the limelight everyplace by improving the recent... Read more »