What Is Wireless Charging Technology? How Does It Work?

what is wireless charging technology

How Does Wireless Charging Work explained?

The phrase “wireless charging” points to the reality that you don’t have to plug the device into a fixed power source, instead, the charging surface and the device being charged must be in contact. Let’s look at the process in a little more detail.


The principle behind wireless charging Technology is 'Resonant Inductive Coupling' a phenomenon with inductive coupling where the coupling becomes stronger when the "secondary" (load-bearing) side of the loosely coupled coil resonates. A resonant transformer of this type is often used in analog circuitry as a band pass filter. Not to complicate, it involves one transmitter and a receiver which will create an electrical connection.

The Benefits of Wireless Charging:

  • No need of wires:very Easy to charge your smartphones and iPhone phone without the need for the wire which can also eliminate damage due to water dust at the charger entry point.
  • Power saving: The process will auto shut down when the charging is complete. Thus power consumption can be reduced and overcharging will be eliminated.
  • Portable:Wireless Power banksare portable and easy to charge while using it.

How Wireless charging avail to us?

Recently most smart phones support wireless charging. Wireless charging is available as:

1) Wireless Desktop Charger:

The devices can be charged wirelessly by simply keeping it on Wireless charger. While your phone will work just fine with the wired charger it comes with, the wireless desktop charger is great and makes charging your phone as simple as putting it down on a surface. It’s a small change, but one that makes keeping your phone juiced up an unconscious part of your life.

Electronic is a popular brand for Wireless Chargers in the USA, launches Desktop Wireless Chargers in Saudi Arabia UAE, which supports very fast charging with multiple charging circuits.

2) Wireless Power Banks:

Portable Power banks are very common now and available in the market with different capacities. However, these power banks are coming with inbuilt wireless chargers with lightning ports for iPhones, USB-C port, etc. Electronic is one of the leading manufacturers of Wireless power banks with different ranges. Lectronic Power Bank of 20000 & 10000 mAh is now available in Saudi Arabia.

3) Wireless Supercharger with Power bank:

This device can be used both as a charger and a wireless power bank. This category of products is portable and easy to handle. Lectronic has the wireless supercharger with a power bank of 6700 mAh battery in Saudi Arabia.

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