Top 10 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies of 2019-2020

Social Media Marketing Strategies

How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media a well-established platform to form your own marketplace and find excited advantages from it. Engaged on interesting facts can provide you with profits is actually extraordinary trick in internet marketing. It’s very useful and essential techniques in Digital marketing to be use and find a name to your company or web site.

A structured social media marketing strategy creates not only perfect business plan but also guided you to understand what user need from you and what are their expectations.  A social media optimization strategy or plan is the brief of everything you plan and goal to achieve for your business using social networks. This strategy should consist of some observation of where your markets are today, targets which you want to get in future, and all the requirements you need to get there.

Here is some social media strategies which you need to understand:

Creating targeted and aye catch content for audience, making attractive images, writing cool articles, interacted with many more people and get attached to their daily life etc. are used to get more traffic. Below mentioned the list of important SMO strategies to improve your product awareness:

  1. Create Social Media Objectives
  2. Focus on FTC rules and Guidelines
  3. Get updated on New ad formats
  4. Optimize your content on recent trends
  5. Create and generate interesting and bright images
  6. Use several Social Media platforms
  7. Engage with the user
  8. Share your content
  9. Share Videos
  10. Make a Content strategy

Creating Social Media Objectives for SMO:

First of all you have to create a goal for your business. What should be your achievement after a month and how to get that goal? You need to think about this for social media marketing benefits. Who will be your target audience, which platform is more preferable for your product is required to analyze. Having these social media objectives allows you meeting your expectations fulfill quickly.

Focus on FTC rules and guidelines:

After reviewing various advertisements of more than 60 companies in the country which failed to make adequate disclosures in their ads, FTC the Federal Trade Commission sent warning letters to lots of companies which are called Operation Full Disclosure. Operation Full Disclosure is the FTC’s latest effort to ensure that advertisers comply with federal law and do not mislead consumers. In the warning letters, staff identified problematic ads, recommended that advertisers review all of their advertising to ensure that any necessary disclosures are truly “clear and conspicuous.” If you are sure and confident about these rules then your social media strategy will become more fluent.

Get updated on new ad formats:

There are various ad platforms in social media. Other than Google ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are leading ad agency for any type of advertisements. Every now and then they change their ad formats to improve the user experience and ads quality. It’s a tricky social media strategy to check which platform is best for your business and how the ad formats are going on right now in that platform. If you looking for paid ads then you have huge options available to make a perfect social media strategy.

Optimize your content on recent trends:

It’s a very smart technology used in social media marketing tips. When you create your website, show all the products and service on your page, it’s an important duty to add a blog page for social media. People got engaged easily with your content via this blog or article page. To show people what your product is and how much valuable that product is you need to create that much of engaging content. When you post some engaging and trendy content on social media people will show their interest to your product and service as well.

Create and post interesting images:

When we talk about social media strategy, then it’s our duty to give respect to the king of social media strategy the Image. Without an attractive image your post can’t stand out in competition. People of social media user show their attention to only those posts which are having a good quality banner or image. There are lots of online photo editing and photo making sites available for you where you can make your own Creative. If you have your own designer for your website, then all you have to do is only to think broadly for your product. Otherwise Photoshop is available for everyone for free and you know how to use it in social media.

Use several Social Media platforms:

People think that, to get huge traffic, Facebook is the best platform to promote their business. But the fact is there is a different type of Social Media available, which not only give you the traffic but also increase your backlinks that will create your solid social presence. Like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter there are other social media platforms are Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Flickr, Delicious etc. Here you can post your product and got engagement with their audience easily. If you not include these platforms in your social media strategy, then you will lose a lot.

Engage with the user:

Engagement is the main part of social media strategy. If you can’t engage with your audience it becomes impossible to get traffic from that social media platform. Now the question is what this engagement in social media is. Someone thinks it as a discussion; someone guides you to comment on post, some experts tell you to follow more or send more friend request. Yes all this are important, but the main thing is to post regularly on engaging on social media and build your repo on user’s eye. “Interesting and trending post on regular interval” in social media strategy will increase your social visibility and traffic as well.

Share your content:

We all want to promote our business to the right audience which is the most difficult task to do. Its need some perfect social media strategy and skill to share your content to the right content in perfect time. Not only a perfect timing or target but also you have to add some social sharing plugins in your website. Sharing content and post of your product through any blog or article is the key of social media strategy.

Share Videos:

Like image and content sharing, it also important to create and share your product by making videos on them. If you have such kind of product videos, it will help your product awareness. You can upload videos on Youtube, create a youtube channel and post in specific interval to make a perfect social media strategy. If you add that videos on your website, it will automatically increase your website authority in Google perspective as well.

Content Strategy:

It is the most important Part of social media strategy. There are varieties of social media platforms available where you can post your content or site. But you have to create different content strategy for different social media platforms. Like in Facebook, when you post something there is no word limit, but in twitter you have only 140 char limit. Not only content limitation but also other factor like content delivery, content quality. So At first you just select some social media platforms which are most suitable for your product then make a content marketing strategy to make your role of social media marketing more powerful.

Top 10 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies of 2019-2020

A social media optimization strategy or plan is the brief of everything you plan and goal to achieve for your business using social networks.

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