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starryai review • AI Blog

Starryai is a new AI image generator that we just found out about. We decided to give it a try and see how it works. We were impressed with the results. The images it generated were very nice. Starryai has 3 main algorithms: Altair, Orion, and Argo (see sample images created with all 3 algorithms below). We will definitely be using this tool in the future.

You get 5 free credits when you sign up (for 5 images*) and extra credits cost $0.40 per image* (down to $0.15 per image” when you purchase more). And if you “go Pro” you get 50% off (and some other benefits), even with a 1-month subscription only – so definitely do this!

* … Using the default settings – advanced settings might cost more.

We used the following prompts to generate the images:

We also added an image generated by DALL-E 2 for comparison.


This algorithm produces “dream-like images, more abstract“.

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