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“Live Together Before Getting Married”

Zeenat Aman's Relationship Advice To Fans: 'Live Together Before Getting Married'

Image was shared on Instagram. (courtesy: thezeenataman)

New Delhi:

Veteran actor Zeenat Aman says it’s only logical for couples to live-in together before tying the knot so that they find out if they are actually compatible with each other.

According to the 72-year-old actor, her sons Zahaan and Azaan have also received the same advice from her.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, she described a live-in relationship as the “ultimate test”.

“… One of you asked me about relationship advice in the comments section of my last post. Here’s a personal opinion I haven’t previously shared – if you’re in a relationship, I strongly recommend that you LIVE TOGETHER before getting married! “This is the same advice I’ve always given my sons, both of whom have had, or are in, a live-in relationship. It just seems logical to me that before two people get their families and the government involved in their equation, they first put their relationship to the ultimate test,” Aman wrote.

The actor said couples must figure out if they will be able to work through “million tiny conflicts” that will arise.

“It’s easy to be the best version of yourself for a few hours a day. But can you share a bathroom? Weather the storm of a bad mood? Agree on what to eat for dinner every night? Keep the fire alive in the bedroom? “Work through the million tiny conflicts that inevitably arise between two people in close proximity? In short – are you actually compatible? I’m aware that Indian society is a little uptight about ‘living in sin’ but then again, society is uptight about so many things! Log kya kahenge? (What will people say?)” she added in the post.

Aman will return to screen after five years with Manish Malhotra’s production Bun Tikki. 

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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