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Emraan Hashmi Reveals Wife Parveen Threatens To “Leave” Him. Here’s Why

Emraan Hashmi Reveals Wife Parveen Threatens To 'Leave' Him. Here's Why

Emraan and Parveen in a throwback picture. (courtesy: EmraanHashmi)

New Delhi:

Emraan Hashmi, who is gearing up for his OTT release Showtime, recently revealed in an interview with Janice Sequeira that his wife Parveen Shahani wants to “leave” him. Wondering what the reason could be? Emraan Hashmi made a big reveal that he has been eating the same meal for two years. His wife doesn’t approve of his food choices and she jokingly has been threatning to divorce him. Emraan told Janice Sequeira, “My wife is thinking of leaving me. She keeps threatening me but has not done it yet. She doesn’t like what I eat and I’ve been following this particular diet for two years. The salad has avocado, brussels sprouts, lettuce, rocket leaves… Then I have keema and sweet potatoes. This is both meals, lunch, and dinner.”

Emraan confessed that his food habits upset Parveen. But as he wants to maintain a good physique, he doesn’t want to change his food pattern. Emraan said, “Just switch to sweet potatoes. So I’ve two staple meals every day and I’ve the same thing, every year. It’s extremely boring but I’ve chicken keema, because it’s kind of easy to digest, and it’s boiled. Then I’ve salad and sweet potatoes. My cook stocks it, makes it for like an entire week and we bifurcate through the day.”

Last year, Emraan Hashmi shared screen space with Salman Khan in Tiger 3 for the first time. Emraan Hashmi received praise for his portrayal of antagonist Aatish Rehman in Tiger 3. Emraan Hashmi recently revealed that he doesn’t call Salman Khan “bhai” as he is fondly called by most of the industry people. Emraan said this while speaking to Connect FM Canada. He said, “I might not call Salman bhai but I take him as a brother. I take him as a friend. I don’t have to be out there and tom-tom about it and put a label on it because other people call him that.”

He added, “Respect doesn’t come from what you say verbally; it comes from your behaviour; you show respect through your actions. I truly believe this, and this has been my family’s upbringing. I respect everyone; I don’t, in any way, segregate people on a film set. I respect all equally. Thanks to my grounding and my family background.”

Emraan and Parveen have been married since 2006. They share a son Ayaan Hashmi. Ayaan is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with cancer when he was only four. After five years of treatment, he was declared cancer free. Emraan is popular for films like Zeher, Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Gangster, Jannat, Tum Mile, Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, to name a few.

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