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Chandrasekhar Yeleti : Versatile Director With Stunning Ideas

In a world where box-office numbers rule, once in a while there comes a talent which redefine cinema for the audience. Irrespective of results they earn respect of the audiences for their honest attempt of delivering unique content. Chandrasekhar Yeleti is such a rare talent which is bound to be appreciated. He swam against the tide with very different ideas in film-making. He made an indelible mark as a unique filmmaker. Chandrasekhar Yeleti who is a cousin of director Gunnam Gangaraju has worked for him in Little Soldiers. Later he directed the first 10 episodes of Telugu telivision’s cult serial, Amrutham. 

Chandrasekhar Yeleti turned into director with a small budgeted film Aithe with all new actors and technicians. The film stunned everyone for its unique screenplay which we have never seen before in Telugu cinema. Aithe became a runaway hit. Even after delivering a smash hit with his first film, Yeleti didn’t get away with the fame he earned with it and didn’t okayed every offer he got. 

He took his own time and made another neo-noir crime thriller Anukokunda Oka Roju which is also based on a unique point. It also scored success with its targeted audience. Then once again Yeleti is missing from the limelight, he went to ready another project. But, this time it is with Gopichand titled Okkadunnadu which deals with another rare point with a rare blood group as it’s core point. This time Yeleti tried to mix commercial action elements to his style. 

Yeleti made Prayanam with Manoj Manchu as a total experiment as the entire film runs in an airport with a short duration. The film won accolades and became a multiplex hit. Finally, Chandrasekhar Yeleti tried to made a crowd pleasing film with Sahasam starring Gopichand but in his elements. Though the film failed to recover the huge investment, Sahasam turned out to be a cult action treasure hunt film. He made Manamantha with Mohan Lal, Gautami and other ensemble cast. His last was with Nithiin titled Check which also has a different subject. 

CineJosh wishing the Unique Director Chandrasekhar Yeleti a very Happy Birthday and wish him deserved success with his upcoming films.

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