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Best speakers for your PC: Enjoy budget-friendly beats with our top 10 picks with impressive sound

From compact desktop speakers to versatile multimedia setups, a diverse range of options suit various preferences and budgets. By focusing on budget-friendly choices, you can achieve excellent sound production without compromising on performance. We’ll look into each speaker’s features, performance, and user reviews, ensuring you can make an informed decision and enjoy immersive sound. Join us as we explore the world of budget-friendly beats, unlocking the potential of the best speaker for PC.

1. Honeywell Moxie V500

The Honeywell Moxie V500 is the best speaker for PC. With 10 Watts RMS, this USB-powered soundbar delivers crystal-clear sound through its premium 2.0 channel stereo system, complete with 52mmX2 powerful drivers for immersive audio and gaming. Connect effortlessly via USB to various devices or through 3.5 mm AUX for high-definition music enjoyment. Adjust volume seamlessly with smooth controls, and enjoy its lightweight, compact design with a sleek black finish. Simply plug and play for an enhanced audio experience.

Specifications of Honeywell Moxie V500:

  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • Special Feature: Portable

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Sleek Design

No Bluetooth Connectivity

Crystal Clear Sound

Limited Power


The BLUE SQUARE is the best speaker for PCs that offers seamless USB connectivity for desktops, phones, laptops, and TVs via its universal Type USB interface. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio delivered by its powerful speaker, with a durable plastic and copper construction. Enjoy multi-device compatibility, making it perfect for various setups. Its compact, portable design ensures easy mobility, allowing you to take your music anywhere.

Specifications of BLUE SQUARE:

  • Brand: Blue Square
  • Speaker Type: Component
  • Special Feature: Bass Boost

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

High-Quality Sound

Limited Power Output

Compact and Portable

Plastic Construction

3. Creative Pebble 2.0

The Creative Pebble 2.0 is the best speaker for PCs, offering a hassle-free audio experience with a single USB cable and eliminating the need for a power adapter. Enjoy excellent audio and enhanced bass reproduction thanks to custom-tuned far-field drivers and rear-facing passive radiators. With 45 degree elevated drivers, experience enhanced audio projection for an immersive listening experience. Its modern and stylish aesthetics make it perfect for any home, office, or workspace.

Specifications of Creative Pebble 2.0:

  • Brand: Creative
  • Model Name: Pebble
  • Speaker Type: Desktop

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Single USB cable connectivity

Wired connection Only

Modern and stylish design

Lack of Bluetooth

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4. Ant Esports

The Ant Esports GS170 delivers outstanding stereo sound with enhanced balanced drivers, 6-watt RMS power, and a wide frequency range for clear, louder, and distortion-free audio. This is the best speaker for PCs as it is compact and portable, measuring 2.6 x 2.4 x 3.5 inches and weighing just 340 grams. It’s perfect for small spaces, corporate offices, dens, and travel. Its RGB breath light design adds ambience to music, movies, and gaming, while easy setup via USB and 3.5mm aux input ensures broad compatibility with various devices.

Specifications of Ant Esports:

  • Brand: Ant Esports
  • Speaker Type: Bookshelf
  • Special Feature: USB Charging

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Portable design

Wired connection only

Easy setup and controls

Limited power output

5. Amazon Basics Gaming Speaker

The Amazon Basics Gaming Speaker delivers excellent sound quality powered by USB 2.0. Its 3.5mm line input jack ensures compatibility with various devices, while RGB LED lights enhance your gaming atmosphere. This is the best speaker for PC as it easily controls the volume with convenient volume control buttons. Compatible with laptops, PCs, and desktops, it offers versatility. They are the best low-cost speakers for gaming. The package includes one gaming speaker, providing a straightforward setup for immersive gaming and audio experiences.

Specifications of Amazon Basics:

  • Brand: Amazon Basics
  • Speaker Type: Satellite
  • Special Feature: LED lights

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

RGB lights

Limited features

Easy controls

Limited power output

6. ZEBRONICS Wonder Bar

The ZEBRONICS Wonder Bar is a flexible 2-in-1 detachable computer speaker offering both vertical 2.0 and soundbar form factors. With a loud and clear 10W RMS output power driven by 2x 5.2cm dual drivers, it provides stereo 2.0 channels for immersive audio. Enjoy 10 RGB light modes and a complete front panel diffuser for added visual appeal. USB-powered with a 5VDC option and AUX 3.5mm connector, it’s compatible with various devices.

Specifications of ZEBRONICS Wonder Bar:

  • Brand: ZEBRONICS
  • Speaker Type: PC Speaker
  • Special Feature: USB Powered RGB lights

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Powerful audio

Limited power options

Easy connectivity 

Wired connection


The ZEBRONICS Pluto 2.1 desktop speaker offers seamless connectivity via BT v5.3 for wireless pairing and an AUX connection for wired devices. With 15W of power and a 7.62cm subwoofer, it delivers a clear sound with punchy bass. Easily adjust audio levels with in-control switches, while vibrant RGB LED lights with seven modes add colour to your space. This is the best speaker for a PC which is powered by a USB connector, and it’s an ideal companion for your desktop setup.

Specifications of ZEBRONICS Pluto:

  • Brand: ZEBRONICS
  • Speaker Type: Multimedia
  • Special Feature: Bluetooth

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Easy controls

Limited compatibility

Powerful sound

Wired power requirement

8. HP 8CA76AA

The HP 8CA76AA speakers have 360 degree surround sound with high and low-pitch units for enhanced music interpretation. Utilizing DSP technology, the bass effect is optimized, ensuring clear treble and bass shock for various music styles. The metal mesh cover provides durability, dustproofing, and fade resistance. With wired connectivity, these compact speakers are compatible with smartphones, laptops, PCs, and music players via USB. Plus, they come with a one-year manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind.

Specifications of HP 8CA76AA:

  • Brand: HP
  • Speaker Type: Surround Sound, Multimedia
  • Special Feature: Bass Boost, Dustproof, USB Port

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

360° Surround sound

Wired connection only

Easy connectivity

Limited compatibility

9. Logitech S150

The Logitech S150 is a 2.0 digital USB stereo speaker system delivering premium sound clarity through advanced digital USB audio. Its single USB cable provides both audio and power, eliminating the need for batteries or a power supply. The speakers feature a sturdy, compact design with contemporary gloss detail, fitting seamlessly into any setup. Conveniently built-in control buttons allow for easy access to volume and mute functions, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

Specifications of Logitech S150:

  • Brand: Logitech
  • Speaker Type: Bookshelf
  • Special Feature: Stereo pairing

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Premium sound clarity

USB dependency

Convenient controls

Lack of bass depth

10. iBall Decor 9

The iBall Decor 9 features an ultra-portable and elegant design with a metallic front grill. These economical computer speakers come with a convenient volume controller, delivering high-quality stereo sound and ensuring clear and detailed audio for an immersive listening experience. Its compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go use, while the sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Enjoy rich sound quality in a stylish package with the iBall Decor 9 speaker.

Specifications of iBall Decor 9:

  • Brand: iBall
  • Speaker Type: Monitor
  • Special Feature: Portable, USB Charging

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

High-quality stereo sound

Limited power

Ultra-portable design

Lack of advanced features

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Best 3 features for you

Product Name

Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3

Honeywell Moxie V500

Crystal-clear sound

Versatile connectivity

Sleek design


Seamless USB connectivity

High-quality sound

Compact and portable

Creative Pebble 2.0

Single USB cable connectivity

Enhanced bass reproduction

Modern and stylish design

Ant Esports GS170

Outstanding stereo sound

RGB breath light design

Portable design

Amazon Basics

Excellent sound quality

RGB LED lights

Easy controls


Flexible 2-in-1 design

Powerful audio

Easy connectivity


Seamless connectivity

Powerful sound

RGB LED lights


360° surround sound

DSP technology

Durable construction

Logitech S150

Premium sound clarity

Sturdy and compact design

Convenient controls

iBall Decor 9

Stylish design

High-quality stereo sound

Portable and compact design

Best overall product

The Honeywell Moxie V500 10W Portable USB Wired Soundbar emerges as the best overall product in its category, offering a seamless audio experience for PC, desktop, and laptop users. With its 2.0 channel configuration and 52mmX2 drivers, it delivers immersive sound quality. The volume control and 3.5mm AUX input further enhance user convenience. Designed for plug-and-play functionality, it’s easy to set up and use without any hassle. Additionally, backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty, users can rely on its durability and performance. Elevate your audio experience with the Honeywell Moxie V500 and enjoy high-quality sound for all your multimedia needs.

Best value for money

The ZEBRONICS Pluto 2.1 desktop speaker is undoubtedly the best value-for-money product due to its exceptional features and affordable price point. This is the best speaker for PCs that offers seamless connectivity via Bluetooth v5.3 and an AUX connection. It caters to both wireless and wired setups, ensuring versatility for users. With a powerful 15W output and a 7.62cm subwoofer, it delivers a clear sound with punchy bass, rivalling higher-priced options on the market. Additionally, the vibrant RGB LED lights with seven modes add a touch of visual flair to any space, enhancing the overall user experience. Powered by a USB connector, it offers convenience and compatibility with desktop setups. With its combination of features and affordability, the ZEBRONICS Pluto stands out as the best value-for-money product. These cheap speakers for computers offer exceptional performance without overspending.

How to find the best speaker for a PC

Finding the best speaker for your PC involves considering several key factors to ensure you get the ideal audio setup for your needs. Firstly, assess your requirements, including the intended usage (gaming, music, movies) and available space. Next, determine your budget, as speakers vary widely in price range.

Consider the speaker type and configuration that suits your preferences, whether it’s a 2.0 setup for stereo sound or a 2.1 system with a subwoofer for enhanced bass. Look for features like connectivity options (USB, Bluetooth, AUX), power output, and additional features such as built-in controls or RGB lighting.

Read reviews and comparisons from reputable sources to measure the performance and reliability of different speaker models. Additionally, consider the brand reputation and warranty coverage for peace of mind.

Lastly, test the speakers, if possible, either in-store or through online demos, to ensure they meet your expectations in terms of sound quality, clarity, and overall performance.


Question : What are the key features to consider when choosing the best speaker for PC?

Ans : Look for compatibility, sound quality, connectivity options, and warranty coverage to ensure the best value for your PC setup.

Question : What are the best budget-friendly speakers for PCs?

Ans : Some top affordable options include Logitech S150, Creative Pebble 2.0, and Amazon Basics Gaming Speaker.

Question : Are budget-friendly speakers durable and long-lasting?

Ans : While materials and build quality vary, many budget speakers offer decent durability and longevity for their price range.

Question : Can I expect good sound quality from affordable PC speakers?

Ans : Many budget speakers provide satisfactory sound quality suitable for everyday use, though premium features may be limited.

Question : Do best budget PC speakers come with warranty coverage?

Ans : Some budget speakers offer limited warranty coverage, typically ranging from one to two years, depending on the brand.

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