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Android smartphones that outshine the iPhone with superior speed and intelligence

We’re here to dispel the misconception that Android phones are not as dependable as iPhones by presenting formidable alternatives that offer strong performance and make for a worthy long-term investment.

iOS vs Android: Which one should you pick?

It’s no surprise that contemporary Android smartphones are way ahead of iPhones in terms of specifications – you get faster refresh rates, brighter displays, and faster charging. There’s also a lot of room to innovate and experiment with how your phone appears. On the other end of this spectrum lies the iPhone, a symbol of sophistication and a polished OS. iPhone users generally exist deep inside the Apple ecosystem and depend on the company’s services for all their smartphone needs – iMessage, FaceTime, and iCloud.

Both Android and iOS platforms are extremely smart and can get the job done quickly and efficiently. The only difference is what the user is looking for in these devices. Even with outdated specifications, iPhones tend to deliver a more consistent and interoperable experience while Android phones open up a new world of customisation and playfulness. There are benefits and disadvantages to be found on either side if you’re willing to look. However, the iPhone still remains the staple smartphone, a standard to which every other smartphone is compared to, especially in the high-end range.

So, we thought – why not put together a list of Android smartphones that can rival the functionality of iPhone in a range of departments such as camera performance, OS dependability, and overall smoothness? Let’s be real – the smartphone market is constantly shape-shifting. We no longer have to stick to slate-form phones that are now perceived as boring. Instead, Android smartphones now include a diverse range of foldables and gaming devices that are breaking the mould. If you are looking for an iPhone alternative in the Android ecosystem, we’ve got you covered.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a behemoth! This smartphone has one of the best cameras currently available on a smartphone with a primary four lens set up of a 200 megapixel wide-angle camera, a 12 megapixel ultrawide camera, a 50 megapixel 5x optical zoom camera, and another 10 megapixel 3x optical zoom camera. Amazing, right? This Samsung smartphone truly has unparalleled zooming capabilities and lets you record high-resolution videos from far away. If all that weren’t enough, you also get in-built stylus to quench your creative thirst on-the-go.

Samsung also outdid its competitors by introducing useful AI capabilities on this smartphone such as Live Translate, Circle to Search, and more. If you want to buy the iPhone’s closest competitor in the Android ecosystem, this is the device to purchase. It’s currently available in four stunning colours and comes in a unique rectangular form that will make heads turn.

OnePlus Open

The OnePlus Open is the best foldable I’ve ever used and we don’t say this lightly. This lightweight, slim, and camera-centric foldable smartphone can truly ‘open’ up a world of endless creative possibilities. First of all, where’s the hinge? Exactly! The problem facing all foldables in this rectangular form was the protruding hinge and a gap that was a dust magnet, especially on the Samsung Galaxy Fold series. In addition, the utility of the outer screen was reduced to nil on the Galaxy Fold because of its odd aspect ratio. OnePlus fixed all these problems on its very first foldable device while including a formidable triple lens Hasselblad camera set up that takes crisp and vivid images, even in the dark. Although the camera might struggle a little while taking moving shots, the clarity on stable shots is just excellent.

With the OnePlus Open, you can get a lot more done on its big screen. For starters, the split screen functionality is the best on foldable devices after tablets, of course. If you want a foldable that’s not too heavy, is easy to use, and doesn’t add heft to your pockets (literally), this is the only right device for you.

Pixel 8 Pro

Google means serious business with its Pixel range of smartphones. This in-house device built with Google’s own Tensor G3 chip is the purest Android experience out there – all supported by impressive specifications, Google’s camera processing, and more. With the Pixel 8 series, Google put artificial intelligence at the centre. What all do you get? A vibrant display and stellar camera, all supported by advanced machine learning. With the Tensor G3 chipset, you can expect a smooth performance and the long-term update commitment of 7 years is commendable.

Also, the rear camera panel is quite unique to look at and clicks sharp pictures in different lighting conditions, so you can put on your photography hat on wherever you like with this device. AI-assisted photo and video editing capabilities on the Google Pixel 8 Pro are unmatched, making it a great device for people who create a lot of visual content for their social media.

Motorola razr 40

Do we really need another foldable on this list? The answer is always yes! The Motorola Razr 40 is a stylish blend of nostalgia and modernity. Available in an eye-catching Sage Green colour, this flip phone is designed to impress and will make heads turn in public. It comes with 8GB RAM alongside 256GB storage for quick performance and zero lag. In addition, the external AMOLED display is handy for quick interactions, while the 6.9-inch AMOLED 144Hz main display promises fluid scrolling and a lag-free experiences.

In the camera department, you get a 64MP main camera that captures sharp images. With the support of Android 13, this smartphone is loaded with the latest features and security. Although it’s not the top-tier model, the Razr 40 strikes a good balance between price and performance, making foldables more accessible without compromising on essential features.

OnePlus 12

First of all, how gorgeous is the OnePlus 12 in Flowy Emerald? If nothing else, you can purchase this smartphone solely for its good looks. Thankfully, you also get formidable flagship performance with this smartphone. This beast of a device can handle multitasking and storage with ease. 

The device has received praise for its Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, ensuring top-notch performance. If you’re an adventurous soul, you’ll appreciate its IP65 rating. While it may not come equipped with generative AI software features like some of its competitors, the OnePlus 12’s impressive telephoto camera performance and competitive pricing make it a strong contender in the flagship segment.

What all do you get with the OnePlus 12? A stunning, slim device with the best-in-class camera, chipset, and fast-charging capabilities with a clean Android user interface. We recommend this smartphone to die hard OnePlus and Android fans who want no compromises at the best price for a flagship device.

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Published: 16 May 2024, 05:00 PM IST

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