10 Top SEO Tools That Can Boost Online Marketing

High yielding creative marketing techniques that never fail in 2019-20

Often every website owner wonders about the valuable tactics and expert SEO service providers to improve their Google SERP rankings, but it’s not that much easier as most of the tactics commonly used by the SEO experts. So, there’s tough competition going.

But, it’s found that creativity, more video promotion, SEO-friendly readable content, and latest discounted offers become the main reasons for more conversion and more traffic. Apart from these things, we can consider some SEO tools for boosting up online marketing to a great height.

1) Keyword Tool (Free or premium)

Keyword research is an unquestionably significant task that every SEO executive needs to conduct to find out the potential keywords as per competition. For illustration, ‘Paper packing’ is a highly competitive keyword, but not much potential for ranking purposes. If we consider ‘paper packing in Los Angeles’, it’s the highest potential with a local keyword base. So, it’s advised to include both keywords. You can have a free version or a premium version.

2) Mobile-Friendly Testing tool (available Free)

As per the rate of increasing numbers of Smartphone, the research or test on mobile-friendliness becomes a mandatory work for SEO executives before proceeding for an SEO campaign. Generally, responsive or mobile-friendly websites are highly recommended by Google.

3) Google Page Speed Insights (Freely available)

Faster Page loading sites can be viewed by the maximum users or audiences, as these sites can be browsed quickly either by slow internet connection in small mobile and desktop or faster internet connection in bigger mobile and desktop. So, from this tool, you can measure the browsing speed of the site easily.

4) SEMrush (Free and premium)

SEMrush is one of the best SEO application tools that every SEO expert needs to use. It conducts a broad SEO audit and generated the percentage of search traffic and the volumes of backlinks that a site possesses. Also, keyword research, topic research, and competitive analysis can be conducted here using this tool for better backlink building and other activities. Premium version is available.

5) Ahrefs Backlink Checker (Free and premium)

Ahrefs used as a free backlink checker tool in which you can check the top 100 existing links of a website.

6) Moz Link Explorer (Free and premium)

Moz Link Explorer is a link analysis tool that offers a complete view of a website’s backlink profile including page link metrics such as page or domain authority, and established links.

7) Schema Creator (Freely available)

This tool is defined by XML.com as a model from the database world for unfolding the information about the structure of data in relational tables. A schema explains a model for an entire class of documents.

8) XML Sitemaps Generator (Free and premium)

As per Google’s criteria, an XML sitemap is a web file where you provide all information about the web pages, videos and other files placed on your website, and the relationships between all the components. This sitemap makes it easier for Google to crawl your site intelligently.

9) Robots.txt Generator (Free)

Robots.txt is a special text file that informs search engine crawlers on which page to get indexed from your website. This tool allows you to generate the robots.txt file for your website.

10) SEOquake (Free)

SEOquake a free SEO extension that displays an SEO overview of any given web page through a suitable toolbar or SERP overlay.

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